Arts and Lectures Proposal form

The purpose of the Arts & Lectures Committee is to sponsor cultural events that provide enjoyment and intellectual stimulation to the district, faculty, students, staff and members of the surrounding community. Our goal is to enrich the cultural life of our community in order to foster a creative and enlightening climate for human development. In selecting speakers and programs, we will attempt to schedule events that speak to the diversity of our Freida Lee community, enrich and support the existing curriculum, and/or provide a forum on public policy issues of interest to the campus and community.  Events may be single events at one of the college’s campuses, multi-campus presentations, and/or artists-in-residence programs.

We will select presenters based on:

1)   Appropriateness of topic related to mission/purpose of committee and its educational value to our audiences.

2)   Expertise of the presenter in both knowledge of the topic and ability to present the subject in an engaging way to a diverse audience. The committee will take into consideration evidence such as Curriculum Vitae, publications, previous speaking engagements, gallery exhibits, etc.

3)   How well the presentation fits into the overall schedule of programs for a particular semester.

4)   Availability of funding (the Arts & Lectures program pays minimal stipends ranging from $150 to $300)


Lecturer’s Information 

Current SRJC Employee
Are you an SRJC Faculty?
If Yes, will your lecture be outside of your teaching time and the Arts and Lectures event is separate from regular teaching assignments?

SRJC Contact and/or Sponsoring Department Information
(The next 6 entries are required only if the lecturer is not an employee of Santa Rosa Junior College)


Proposal Worksheet (Semester & Year)


Presentation Description

(A 50-minute presentation with 10 minutes Q/A scheduled on Mondays from 12 – 1pm)

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